Ear Cropping


Ear cropping is a surgical procedure and is not meant for every canine breed. This procedure is seen in only few selective breeds like Pit bulls, Doberman pinschers, and miniature pinschers, Schnauzer, Great Dane and Boxers. Please consult with your veterinarian before bringing in your pet at our veterinary hospital in Dublin.  Ear cropping procedure does not guarantee the erectness of the ear flap as it depends upon the strength of cartilage, which varies between individuals. Some pets may need longer post-operative care.

Procedure Information:

1)    We require mandatory exam by our veterinarian before the procedure .

2)      Pet should be current on core vaccines for his/her age like DHAPP, BORDETELLA (kennel cough) and Deworming.   Puppies should be current on first series of vaccines.  We will be happy to vaccinate the pet before the procedure if pet is not current on vaccines. If visible flea infestation noticed on the pet during exam or on day of surgery, we will apply flea medication on the pet.  Minimum age for ear cropping is 9 weeks.  Please bring in the proof of vaccination on the day of the exam. Please get your pet‘s vaccination records faxed to us at 925-828-5520.

3)      All Ear Crop prices include anesthesia, ear cropping, monitoring, and antibiotics to go home.

Prices for ear cropping procedure

Age Pitbull Package with IV/Injection Doberman/Great Dane/Others Price with IV/Pain Injections
8-14 weeks $190 $249 $250 $310
16-20 weeks $230 $299 $300 $350

Over 20 weeks, please call @ 925-828-5520 for quote.

Additional optional charges includes:

Buster collar –Strongly advised to prevent self mutilation. It can purchased from us for $15.00

Sedative—if pet is very active for $ 25-30

Pain medications to help with post operative pain for $25-$30.0

Pre-operative blood panel is strongly advised to determine liver/kidney and internal body functioning for safety.  Clotting factor testing is important especially for Dobermans.

If you have additional questions, please call us at 925-828-5520. Look forward to see you and your pet at our animal clinic in Dublin, CA.

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