Monthly Wellness Plans

All of us at Dublin Veterinary Hospital are very excited to announce our new monthly Wellness Pet Plans! We specifically designed them to make budgeting for your pets annual health care and wellness easier by giving you an overall savings and the option of making equal monthly payments.

With plans as low as $35 a month and an overall annual savings of up to 50%, we truly hope to help pet owners access the essential health care their furry loved ones need.

In addition to addressing your pet’s basic health care, these plans also focus on preventing potential serious and costly conditions from developing.
These plans are not pet insurance – they are a prepackaged set of yearly wellness care set at a reduced price with the option of spreading the cost out over 12 equal monthly payments. We invite you to find out more about how these plans could be a convenient solution for your family.

Each Plan Includes:
• Packaged services designed to save you money and provide the proper health care for your pet
• Up to two comprehensive doctor examinations per year and unlimited office call
• All needed vaccinations
• Preventative blood work/Organ system screening
• Heartworm testing
• Fecal parasite tests
• Deworming (Roundworm/hookworm)

Specific Custom Plans for:
• Dogs & Cats
• Basic Wellness
• Preventative care for higher risk breeds
• Pets in need of dental care

Puppy and Adult Dog Wellness

Kitten and Adult Cat Wellness

Senior Wellness Package

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