Cat World Domination Day

Did you know that there’s a very special kitty holiday around the corner? June 24th is Cat World Domination Day! Are our feline pals plotting to take over the world? What would happen if she did? A Pleasanton, CA vet exposes Fluffy’s shocking plans in this article.

Previous Attempts

Kitties are very, very good at manipulating us and getting us to pamper them. As the saying says, cats have never forgotten the fact that they were considered deities in ancient Egypt. Fluffy has also risen to power in several places. For instance, cats have held the position of mayor, Official Mouser, spy, smuggler, and (briefly) mail carrier. Then there’s Stationmaster Tama, a cute feline who is the head of Kishi Train Station in Japan.

Kitty Power

Unlike most of the animals we’ve domesticated, cats don’t actually need us. They are extremely self-sufficient, and are fierce hunters. Apparently, Fluffy just enjoys comfy napping spots, catnip mice, easy meals, and ear scritches. Of course, many people are more than happy to pamper our furry buddies… even if they are plotting to overthrow us!

Warning Signs

Cats may have been trying to take over the world for quite a long time. Fluffy certainly has been manipulating us for quite a while. In fact, kitties may have started meowing just so they could boss us around! As it turns out, making sounds that remind people of the cries of human babies is a very effective way at getting us to feed them. Our furry buddies don’t usually ‘talk’ to one another, once they’re fully grown: they communicate through body language and tail position. This may be how kitties plan to share their plans with one another!

Fluffy’s Plans

What would happen if cats did take over the world? Chances are, they would lay down some rules for their human servants. Fluffy may demand that every house contain at least one cat tower; several comfy beds; a variety of empty boxes; and a small, stocked fishpond. Our feline overlords may also want catnip gardens, and would probably not hesitate to banish poor Fido to the doghouse. We would also likely be obligated to offer our furry friends canned tuna every day, as well as providing lap space and cuddles on request.

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