5 Great Reasons to Play With Your Dog Every Day

Does your dog often bring you his favorite toy, in the hopes that you will play with him? Our canine companions are quite playful, especially when they are young. There are actually some very good reasons for you to oblige your furry pal’s adorable requests. A Pleasanton, CA vet lists a few of them below.


Just like people, dogs need proper exercise to stay healthy. A vigorous game of Fetch or Catch The Red Dot can be a great workout for Fido! Even a few minutes of playtime each day will be beneficial.

Beat Doggy Boredom

Dogs are very intelligent. Fido can become unhappy and irritable with nothing to do all day. Playing gives your pet beneficial mental stimulation, which is great for his mind.

Curb Bad Behaviors

Playing is great for burning off Fido’s excess energy. This can be very, very helpful in curbing bad doggy behaviors, such as digging and chewing. If your furry buddy tires himself out with a fun play session, he’s probably going to be more interested in taking a nap than in chasing the cat around the living room.


Dogs can become very attached to their owners. That special bond has to be nurtured, however. Playing with Fido is a great way to brighten his day up. It also gives you a chance to spend some quality time with your canine buddy. The precious time we have to spend with our furry companions often passes much too quickly.

It’s Fun!

Fido absolutely loves life, and his enthusiasm for having fun can be pretty contagious. It’s almost impossible not to smile when watching a playful pooch happily chasing after his favorite toy or stick. Spending time with your dog is a great way to relax after a long workday!


Not all types of exercise are suitable for every dog. Some pups, like brachycephalic pooches, lose their breath easily, and shouldn’t be encouraged to run or really exert themselves. Others, like German Shepherds, can damage their hips by jumping or standing on their back legs too much. Ask your vet for specific recommendations. Also, choose toys that are the right size for Fido. Pups can hurt themselves with playthings made for bigger or smaller dogs.

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