Tips for Adopting a Senior Pet

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! Older dogs and cats often have a difficult time getting adopted. This is very sad, because they have lots of love and cuddles to offer, and really make wonderful pets. If you’re planning to give a lucky senior dog or cat a great retirement, you definitely have our support! Read on as a local vet Pleasanton, CA offers advice on adopting a senior pet.

Do Some Shopping

You’ll need to make a trip to the pet store before the big day. Keep your pet’s age in mind as you go shopping. You’ll want to pick up a few toys, but for the most part, look for things that will keep your furry buddy comfortable. A comfy bed is a definite must. Fido may also appreciate raised dishes and some pet ramps or stairs, while Fluffy may like kitty furniture that’s easy for her to get off and on, and/or a litterbox with low sides.


Petproofing for an older dog or cat is a bit different from petproofing for kittens and puppies. Your pet will be less likely to chew or eat things. However, Fido and Fluffy may be forgetful, and could have vision or hearing problems. Block off dangerous areas, such as pools or stairways your pet could fall down, with baby gates. You may also want to set out nightlights to help your dog or cat get around more easily after dark.

Schedule Veterinary Appointment

One of the first things you’ll want to do is schedule an appointment with the vet. Your four-legged friend will most likely already be spayed or neutered. However, you’ll need to make sure he or she is microchipped and up to date on their parasite control products and vaccinations. A thorough exam is also in order. While you’re there, ask for specific recommendations for your pet’s diet, care, and activity needs.

Let Love Grow

Senior dogs and cats are absolutely adorable, and make sweet, calm, animal companions. These cute pets are full of purrs and tail wags! However, it may take your furry buddy time to adjust. Don’t force attention on your new pet: just give him or her lots of time to settle in.

Please call us, your Pleasanton, CA vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re dedicated to offering senior pets excellent veterinary care!

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