Walking Your Dog

February 22 is Walk Your Dog Day! Walking your dog regularly is really good for him both physically and mentally. It’s also a wonderful way for your pet to burn off excess energy, which is great for his behavior. Plus, the exercise will benefit you, too! A Pleasanton, CA vet discusses taking Fido for a stroll in this article.

Fido’s Workout

All of our canine pals are unique, and they each have their own specific exercise needs. One dog may need an hour of walking time a day, while another will be tired out after ten minutes. Fido’s walking regimen will also change as he ages. Puppies need to go out quite often, especially as they’re being housebroken. Adult dogs may need several walks a day. When Fido is a senior, he may only need a few short strolls, as he’ll tire out easily. No matter how old your dog is, be careful not to overexert him, especially when it’s hot. Limit your dog’s outdoor time in bad weather, or when air quality is bad. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Making sure that Fido knows the command to Heel is very important. This can keep your furry companion from hauling you down the road if he wants to chase a squirrel. That can be very dangerous, especially with large dogs! Of course, smaller pups aren’t exactly off the hook here, either. Little pooches can still bite! Some of them also tend to get aggressive.


Want to make dog walking a bit easier? Get a specific jacket or bag just for walking Fido. Keep the pockets filled with treats, waste baggies, spare keys, a portable cell phone charger, gum, a flashlight, and anything else you may need.


Always put your canine buddy’s safety first! When walking Fido on the side of a road, keep to the inside. Your dog is shorter than you are, so he will be harder for drivers to see, especially around corners. Walking towards oncoming traffic is actually safer than going with it, as you can see what’s coming towards you. Also, if you wear earbuds when you’re out with your furry pal, don’t turn the volume up too high. It’s important for you to hear what’s going on around you.

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