The Benefits of Keeping Fluffy Indoors

Do you let your cat go outside? Our feline friends do enjoy fun outdoor activities, such as making paw art on your car, rolling around in the dirt, and chasing butterflies. However, Fluffy is actually both safer and healthier living indoors. In this article, a Pleasanton, CA vet lists some key reasons why we recommend keeping cats inside.


Cats that stay indoors are typically much healthier than cats who are allowed outside. Outdoor cats have higher risks of picking up harmful parasites, such as fleas, ticks, and worms. They can also contract viruses or diseases. Keeping up with your pet’s preventative care is very important! That said, we do advocate erring on the side of caution, and keeping Fluffy indoors.


Parasites aren’t the only thing that threaten your beloved pet outdoors. Weather is one major concern. Kitties are also at risk from the hazards posed by cars, predators, and, sadly, some people. Fluffy could also ingest toxic chemicals, or get trapped somewhere. As if that weren’t enough, outdoor cats are also at higher risk of getting lost, injured, or even killed!


Did you know that cats that are allowed to go outdoors often shed more than kitties who stay indoors? When Fluffy goes outside, she is exposed to natural weather cycles. This can trigger your feline buddy’s natural shedding cycles, causing her to shed more than she would if she stayed indoors. You’ll end up with less fur stuck to your clothing and furniture if you keep your kitty inside.

Protect Wildlife

When we first became friends with Fluffy, we treasured her for her hunting prowess. Our feline pals helped keep our properties and granaries free of rodents. In return, they were given food, shelter, cuddles, and probably toys, cuddles, and catnip. Judging by the smug look kitties get when they leave their humans presents, they were likely also highly praised for their kills. However, nowadays, most of us don’t really need to worry about mice, and we aren’t necessarily very appreciative of Fluffy’s gifts. Kitties are also decimating fragile wildlife populations. Our adorable furry friends kill billions of small animals every year! Keeping your tiny lion indoors will help protect birds and other small critters.

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