Ways to Build Your Cat’s Trust

Have you recently adopted a new kitty? Congratulations! We love seeing cats get adopted into wonderful homes. Fluffy may need time to settle in, however, especially if she is naturally timid or wary. Going to a new home is a huge deal for a kitty! Here, a Pleasanton, CA vet offers tips on building your cat’s trust.

Create A Kitty Haven

Make your home welcoming, fun, and comfortable for Fluffy. Setting out lots of beds and toys for your pet, and putting out pet-safe plants, will help her feel like she’s in a luxury kitty palace.

Offer Hiding Spots

If Fluffy is nervous, she may want to withdraw and hide. Make sure your pet has lots of hiding spots to retreat to. This can be a box or storage tote with a ‘door’ in it, a kitty bed, a pet tent, or a spot behind a couch.

Don’t Force Attention

We know, kitties are very cute. However, no matter how much Fluffy melts your heart, resist the urge to pick her up or cuddle her. It’s very important for you to let her approach you when she wants attention.

Making Friends

Sit down cross-legged on the floor, and call your kitty to you. Hold out your hand to her, and see if she comes to you. Offer her a treat if she does. She may push her head beneath your hand when she’s ready to let you pet her.


Yummy snacks can really go a long way in building your pet’s trust! Fluffy can have canned tuna or chicken in water; shredded deli meat; or cooked, plain, boneless fish or poultry. Store-bought treats are also fine.


Talk to your cat gently, using a calm, friendly tone of voice. Fluffy may not know what you are saying, but she’ll realize that you are trying to communicate with her.


Get some toys that allow you to play with your pet without touching her. Wand toys are good for this. A laser pointer is also fine. This will let your kitty burn off her excess energy. Plus, it’s just fun for Fluffy!


Fluffy may just need time to adjust. Be patient, and don’t give up. You’ll have that motor going before you know it!

Please contact us, your Pleasanton, CA vet clinic, if ever we can be of assistance. We’re here to help!

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