Creating a Dog-Friendly Yard

California’s weather is friendly to lots of fun doggy activities. Fido is very fun and lively, and loves spending time outdoors. However, you don’t always have to take your pooch to the park to get that tail wagging. If you have a yard, why not make it more dog-friendly? A Pleasanton, CA vet offers advice on how to do that in this article.


Make sure your fencing is secure, so Fido can’t dig under it or jump over it. If your pup is a digger, bury chicken wire along the fence line, and weight it down with rocks. We also recommend getting a self-latching gate. Many beloved pets have escaped through gates that were accidentally left open!


Want to really get that cute tail wagging? Get Fido a doghouse! Getting the right size is very important here. Like a crate, a doghouse should be cozy without being too big for Fido. Look for something that offers good insulation. Wood is a great choice. Avoid pressure-treated wood, though: it isn’t safe for dogs.


You don’t have to choose between having a dog and having a garden. If you divide your yard up into sections, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Use borders, such as fences, low walls, or driftwood, to keep Fido out of your beds. Just be sure to choose pet-safe plants. You can find a list of them online at the ASPCA site here.


Make Fido’s outdoor home even more fun by incorporating lots of outdoor toys. Tug toys are a good bet. Opt for sturdy, washable playthings.

Kiddie Pool

Many dogs love splashing around in kiddie pools! Once Fido is done playing, use the water for your plants. That way, it won’t go to waste.

Ground Cover

Grass is on the way out in many California neighborhoods, due to watering restrictions. Look into pet-safe ground covers that don’t need a lot of water. Artificial turf is one good option. It’s attractive, cheap, realistic-looking, and easy to clean. Buffalo grass and thyme are also fine. Mulch is a popular choice, but it really isn’t safe to use around dogs. Fido could choke if he tries to eat it. He could also get splinters in his paw. Cocoa mulch is especially problematic, as it’s toxic to dogs.

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