Adorable Ways Cats Show Affection

Cats are very fun and lovable little pets. Fluffy certainly has a way of keeping us smiling with her silly antics! Although our feline pals have a reputation for being a bit aloof, they actually get very close to their humans. They also have some pretty charming—if not unusual—ways of showing affection. In this article, a local Pleasanton, CA vet lists some super cute ways that kitties show their love.


Cats like to stick close to their human buddies. Your furry friend may very well follow you around from room to room as you are going about your business.


This one can be a bit confusing. With most animals, bites are definitely not a sign of affection. Kitties, however, sometimes give their humans playful little love bites. If your cat sometimes bites you very gently, she may be showing her affection.


If Fluffy sometimes likes to ‘make biscuits’ while she’s dozing on your lap, consider it a compliment. Kittens do this to stimulate milk flow when nursing, so this is actually a sign that your pet sees you as her ‘parent.’ Love hurts!

The Leg Rub

Does your feline buddy sometimes rub against your legs when she wants you to feed or pet her? Your kitty is actually marking you as ‘hers’ when she does this, as she is rubbing her scent on you.

Belly Rubs

Many dogs are suckers for belly rubs. Cats, however, are generally not quite that enthusiastic. If your kitty lets you rub her belly, consider yourself loved. Fluffy only lets people she trusts touch that furry tummy!

Blinking Slowly

Have you ever noticed your feline friend watching you, and then seen her blink slowly? She loves you! (This is likely the most subtle way kitties show affection.)

The Purr

Cats are full of charming quirks, but the purr is without a doubt one of the cutest. Some kitties start their little engines as soon as their owners pet them or pick them up!

Sleeping On You

Fluffy just happens to be the purrfect size to be able to curl up in our laps. If your furry pal likes to snooze near you or on top of you, she definitely loves you!

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