Adopting A Dog: The First Month

October is Adopt A Dog Month! We’re always thrilled to see dogs going to loving forever homes. Getting a new owner is a big change for Fido, however, and actually be quite stressful for him. Read on for some tips from a Pleasanton, CA vet on helping your new pup settle in.

Day One

When you bring Fido home, take him for a walk before bringing him into your house. This will help him burn off any excess energy he has, so he’s in a calmer state of mind. At first, put your furry pal in a quiet spot with bedding, toys, treats, and food, and just let him relax.


Dogs really thrive when they are on a steady schedule for walks, meals, and playtime. Get Fido started out on his new routine immediately.

Veterinary Care

A trip to the vet’s is definitely in order. Fido will need a thorough exam, which will give you a good snapshot of his overall health. Also, make sure your canine companion is current on his vaccinations and parasite control. If he hasn’t been microchipped yet, that should also be on the agenda.


Remove or secure potential dangers, like toxic plants; plastic bags and tie; wires and cords; chemicals; medicine; and anything small or sharp; and personal items, like shoes and wallets. Also, make sure that your yard is safe, and your fence is both sturdy and high enough to contain your pup.


As you’re getting to know Fido, it’s important to remember that he may have some quirks and phobias you don’t know about yet. Get a sturdy leash, one that won’t break if your furry friend suddenly bolts. Avoid retractable leashes for now: you don’t want to risk your pup getting tangled up in something.


Over the first few days, you’ll get an idea of how well-trained your canine buddy is. If Fido doesn’t obey simple commands like Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down, start working on his ‘petucation’ right away.

Love And Tail Wags

Dogs can form extremely close bonds with their humans, but that friendship takes time to build. Don’t rush things. Just concentrate on offering Fido great TLC. It’s an amazing feeling to watch dogs blossom with love!

Please contact us, your local Pleasanton, CA vet clinic, for all your dog’s veterinary care needs. We’re happy to help!

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