What To Do If Your Cat Stops Using The Litterbox

Has your kitty stopped using her litterbox? This can be extremely frustrating, to say the least. We can help! Read on as a Pleasanton, CA vet offers some advice on what to do if Fluffy shuns her powder room.

Have Fluffy Fixed

First things first: if Fluffy hasn’t been fixed yet, get this done right away. Intact kitties are much more likely to spray than fixed ones.

Schedule A Veterinary Appointment

Medical issues can sometimes cause cats to start avoiding their litterboxes. Fortunately, many of these issues—such as urinary tract infections—are treatable. Have your vet give Fluffy a thorough exam. If your feline buddy gets the all-clear, then at least you know she’s healthy.

Keep Kitty Purring

Stress, fear, and loneliness can all have an effect on your cat’s behavior. Make sure that your furry pal has plenty of comfy beds and fun toys. Fluffy should also have at least one window with a good view. If your kitty spends time alone, keep a TV or radio on for her when you’re out. Kitties also sometimes act up if they feel lonely or ignored. Spend lots of time with your furry friend, and keep that little motor going!

Keep It Clean

Dirty litterboxes aren’t very appealing to cats, and it’s easy to understand why. Keep Fluffy’s powder room nice and clean. We recommend scooping daily, and changing the litter about once a week.

Revisit The Setup

Take a good look at the litterbox setup. Is it in an area that is loud, drafty, hot, or cold? Is it hard for Fluffy to access? These things can all make litterboxes less appealing to kitties. Ideally, your cat’s box should be in a private area that is easy for her to reach.

Check Product Choices

Cats can be quite finicky about litter. Feel free to experiment with different litters, and see if that makes a difference. If you’ve recently changed products, change back.

Avoid Punishment

Never punish your pet for refusing to use her litterbox. This may just make matters worse! In addition to whatever was bothering your cat to begin with, she may become wary of the litterbox itself, as she will start to associate it with punishment.

Do you have questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care? Contact us, your local Pleasanton, CA vet clinic, anytime.

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